Extra special thanks to Wednesday Lupypciw and the Dunlop Gallery in Regina for having me as a part of ALLIES HONOUR YOU last month. The photos are in! What a rad time with such a cool crew of lady and LGBTTQQIIAA drummers, spent chanting supportive and positive things in the park while slaying collectively on our various kits. Moving and huge. Check out Wednesday’s work here, she’s a rad one.

Wednesday Lupypciw, ALLIES HONOUR YOU, 2014, performance. Photos: Carey Shaw.

pisces birthday show

Gonna be the funnest. Playing with my new band OK Jazz, ripping on the electric guitar to songs about cabbage and money and kids in the hall. Also playing with Hex Ray, goof rock for all.

door discounts if you’re a Pisces or a mom. All ages so welcome.


iceland exchange project recap

January: the most magical adventure in Reikyavik, Iceland. Flew on over there with Mark Hamilton (Woodpigeon), Clinton St. John, and Samantha Savage Smith to explore, collaborate, write and perform music with our new super pals Benni Hemm Hemm and Prins Polo. Fell so in love with that landscape and all those dudes. Icelanders seems so old world while also having hearts of the most golden future.

We also spent a good deal of time hanging and playing with a super group of Scottish folks, including Bill Wells and the National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Alistair Roberts, and an enthusiastic Bagpiper. We ate so much good food and also some food that is grosser than anything I’ve ever imagined (but oh so amazing for it). We went to this place where two tectonic plates meet and you feel like you are about to get transported into another dimension. It was super windy and barren and cold. we walked between the two plates knowing that the whole landscape could explode at any instant (the ground there moves on average two inches per year – there is a tremendous pressure that is ongoing and ultimately unpredictable).

Together we wrote, performed, and recorded 8 Iceland-inspired songs. I am really stoked about all of it. We will do something with these tracks and this new wicked band, wait for it.