secret castle show! in Calgary AB Canada <3 <3
get in touch (fb preferred) if you need a special invite

New Release: Split 12″ Series (Song, By Toad)

I am very happy to announce this record, a split with dear and talented friends FOONYAP and Woodpigeon, along with fresh bud Dana Gavanski. This is the final release from Song, by Toad, wonder label of Scotland. I’m so honoured to be a part of it.

\\\ Preorder the record here ///

Special treat to work with bell lungseagleowl, and Meursault on the tracks. All of the recordings were made live-off-the-floor at Song’s headquarters in Edinburgh amidst an explosion of daffodils, working closely with the innovative sounds and snacks of Alan McCormack. They have a special sound.

thnx Reykjavik

Congrats Tunglbök on 5 yrs of poetry published, I am honored to have participated in your anniversary show- very nice to play amidst the Einars Jonssonar sculptures (including my fav the snail angel) and so special to share the event with Anne Carson and all the other very fine poets. Yes these buds are burning a book, the last copy saved as a sacrifice for the moon mother. xxo my Iceland bros


chillin with Benni and Svavs of EMBASSYLIGHTS in the day moon, and we makin magic.

(it might look humble but it sounds soooooo gooood. Someday it will make it to your eager ears)

We’re in the east of Iceland, at Svavar’s place. You can stay there, it’s called Havari. Yesterday we saw a whale.

Playing with Anne Carson (<3!) on June 28 at the Einars Jonssonar sculpture museum in Reykjavik. She’ll be doing a reading from this new book. Ragnar too!