infinity of daffodils

thnx edinburgh

workin on some new tracks for the next Song, by Toad comp. Matthew left me with the keys to his house and studio for the weekend while he’s out, members of Eagle Owl, Mersault, and Bell Lungs helping out and hanging out. showin me all the flavours of oat cakes, with which I’m a bit obsessed.

you can check the series out here, it’s so great

Thnx for the nice review, Ride the Tempo!

“Leif has many facets to her musical talent: folk songwriter, charming vocalist, intriguing ambient/electronic arranger, to name just a few. On ‘Shadow on the Brim/Rough Beasts’ she lets us have our cake and eat it too. We don’t have to make a choice — we can have it all.”

– Mark Anthony Brennan


Sled 2016 <3 <3 <3 !!!

So much love to my spirit brethren Clea Foofat, Kali “Cakes” Urquhart, Dallin James Ursenbach, and Brock Geiger, who make everything cool and fun and beautiful wherever we go. I love you buds so much!!!!!! Raleigh, Hex Ray, and OK Jazz are the other bands these buds play in, worth checking always.

Also love to the organizers of Sled (the best kind of fest, really), esp Sean and Maud! And my buds in Hex Ray and OK Jazz, the funnest playing with you buds also!!! <3 <3 <3

photo creds to Arif Ansari


so fun to be there <3 Love ya CJSW! CJSW u r Hard working and warm hearted and just the best. I’ll share the tracks at some later point, in case yous missed it

June Tour Dates

Can’t wait to see you Ontario and Quebec buds xo

June 5 – Montreal – Breadwinner’s Garret w Woodpigeon and the Mad Mapu

June 8 – Peterborough – The Spill w Olenka, Sean Conway and Hillary Dumoulin

June 9 – Guelph – live on air on CFRU 4:30pm

June 9 – Guelph – The Cornerstone w Tyson and his Gameboy an d

June 10 – Hamilton – Homegrown Hamilton w Dan Edmonds

June 13 – Toronto – The Burdock w Raleigh