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New album out by one of my other projects! HexRay represent.

These tracks were written by Dallin Ursenbach, one of my all time fav musicians and a long time pal. The first time we played together I’m pretty sure we played a show in a tree (a really great idea except when somebody spills a beer). So happy and lucky to still be playing with this talented fella so many years later, now joined by the infamous Adam Kamis, nicest fellow around.

friends of the pink house

aw shucks what a nice post from Matt Swann at Weird Canada about the pink house tape! The cassette was a collection of tracks we released in celebration of this house’s life and contribution to the Calgary music scene right before it was torn down to make way.

here’s a link to the article, the album, and here’s a bit more about the project:

“This album is a collection of tracks recorded in the basement of a lovely house, bubble gum pink, located on 12th street in the middle of an old neighbourhood gone classy. The house passed from friends to friends for four years, during which time many bands recorded many cool tracks. In the spring of 2012, the house was torn down to make way for city progress. We threw it a party (101 years!) and invited all the neighbours and many pals. We made tacos and served our super strength home brews, and all the bands on this tape played in various rooms all over the house. The landlord brought his kids, got happily drunk and introduced himself to everyone as “the bad guy”. We released this tape. All the music was recorded there, all the photos were taken there, and all the drawings were drawed there. We miss you old pink, but you lived a good life. 

xo from your friends of the Pink House 
Calgary, Alberta 1912 – 2013″


A little film by myself and Dana Schloss for Colin Winette’s new beauty of a book, “Coyote”. It’s out on Les Figues Press on Jan 20th, 2015. This dude is seriously the best. Read more about the whole project here

Coyote from Laura Leif on Vimeo.

About the book Coyote:

“A daughter disappears in the middle of the night. What happens in the aftermath of this tragedy—after the search is abandoned, after the TV crews move on to cover the latest horrific incident—is the story of Coyote. There is a marriage and a detective. There is a storm, a talk show host, and a roasted boar. People are murdered and things are hidden. Coyotes skulk in the woods, a man stands by the fence, and a tale emerges within this familiar landscape of the violent unknown.”