Laura Leif (Jarvey): Work Samples for Kone Home-residency Grant Call
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3 of 10 videos made in collaboration with animators for the release of the 2016 double album, Rough Beasts / Shadow on the Brim.


LT LEIF Rough Beasts / Shadow on the Brim
2016, The CYOR
Albums exploring inner beasts, non-normative desire, and the navigation of the ubiquitous wilds. The production of the album spanned the country through collaboration.

Split 12″ Series
Song By Toad, 2019
recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland, live-off-the-floor. Toured in the UK in 2019 as c(h)ord.


Compilation: Songs for the Pink House
Dog Choir Cassettes, 2014
Recording project and public event held for a house slated for demolition. Collaborators and participants included past residents, neighbours, and the landlord.


LT Leif and APB: Objects of Our Desires
Dog Choir Cassettes, 2010
Songs written and performed live for participants’ melancholy household objects. Sculptural and installation elements.

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