“beautifully contemplative”

– Steve Lamaq, BBC radio 6

L.T.Leif is one of those special types of songwriters, the kind of artist that can stop a day in its tracks, pull it apart, bend it this way and that, and transport the listener somewhere else entirely.”

– Tom Johnson, Gold Flake Paint

“What strikes you first is the beauty of the melodies and the space the arrangement allows for everything to sit serenely within. Thats not to say it doesn’t crackle with emotion and exude a weary melancholy, because it does to the point of taking your breath away.”

– Jim F, Backseat Mafia

“A furtive crescendo of radiant contemporary folk”

– Craig Howieson, Snack Mag

“Talk about the most underrated of songwriters in Canada. Pioneer of all things vibrant, L.T.Leif delivers songs as a sort of throaty, prairie-born Joanna Newsom…Rough Beasts sticks like pinpoints across the Canadian map, like those very pinpricks of Leif’s slight vocal delivery. Legendary curmudgeon Calvin Johnston knows the deal, ’bout time you did”

– Kevin Stebner, Weird Canada

Leif has many facets to their musical talent: folk songwriter, charming vocalist, intriguing ambient/electronic arranger, to name just a few…they let us have our cake and eat it too. We don’t have to make a choice — we can have it all.”

– Mark Anthony Brennan, Ride the Tempo

“listening to “Deep Bright”, you may feel a bit of a certain kind of magic. It’s a magic that flows throughout all of Leif’s music—it’s a magic that follows them in an unseen billowing mass…It’s the perfect music for that day when you need a bit of a boost—or that day when you have a warm feeling in your chest and want to feed it. Quite frankly, I’ll be fielding suggestions for a day that is not a great day to listen to this music, because I’m stumped”

– Honeybear, Mouser