O T H E R    L E I F    P R O J E C T S

Ok Jazz
The Consonant C
Hungry Freaks
Hotmail Friends
Cookies on the Floor

the objects of our desires
Choose Yer Own festival
Quickdraw Animation Society

T R U E   P A L S

HEATHER KAI SMITH Artist + plays in Ok Jazz. Animator for Shadow on the Brim.
KALI URQUHART artist and sometimes drummer in the band, also plays in OK Jazz
TYLER LOS JONES Artist. made visuals for the secret album “Soothsayer”.
WOODPIGEON We play in EMBASSYLIGHTS and c(h)ord and on each others albums.
PARSA KAMEHKHOSH helps with spirit and posters, cookies bandmate
HERMITESS LL sings in the witch choir
FOON YAP good good music. plays in c(h)ord. Song, By Toad 12″ split.
WEDNESDAY LUPYPCIW Wonder artist of Calgary. Hotmail Friends bandmate.
DICE PARKS Musician, bandmate 2014, recorder of Shadow on the Brim.
BRANDON BLOMMAERT : artist/animator. Music video maker for Shadow on the Brim
LORI D  artist/animator. music video maker for Shadow on the Brim.
STEFAN GRUBER Animator and storyteller. Video maker for “shadow on the brim”.
Author! LL video for his novel “Coyote”.
MORGAN GREENWOOD beauty music. Secret Brothers pt 2. xoo
CHRIS DADGE tru mastermind of sound
JAY CROCKER Mad scientist and recorder of “rough beasts”
ALL SORTS PRESS Run by Sara Froese, sings on Rough Beasts
KNOTS band of Neal Moignard, plays on Rough Beasts
AE SCI FI Heroes of Canadian Science Fiction.
AMBER P B Artist. Objects of Our Desires and Believer Roadshow tour companion.
EXTRA HAPPY GHOST!!! // ASTRAL SWANS LL on the early records.